La Finesse
1 prov./2 nat. Bordeaux 1996




1 prov. Bordeaux 1996, 748 p.
    (2 nat. 1078 p.;
    5 internat. 4535 p.)


Dam of  La Finesse is a granddaughter of Vlekje (Marijn van Geel)
La Finesse was a gift of Dirk Leekens (Leekens-Hermans, As).
In fact, La Finesse came home with the pigeons of Willems when he took the Youngsters of Dirk to Namur for a training. "If she prefers to be in Eisden, you can keep her," said Dirk Leekens... And the rest is history.
For the second time, Leekens gave a provincial winner to Ber Willems...