Founding pigeons

The beginnings

In the first period, with his father, Albert got most of his pigeons from local champions:
  • Henri Peeters, Maasmechelen via Grommen Opgrimbie
  • Paulissen, Eisden
  • DaniĆ«l Parijs, Ottenburg
  • Schoefs, Munsterbilzen
  • F. Verheyen, Eisden
In the eighties,to realize his long distance ambitions, Albert acquired pigeons from
  • Tonny Stoffels, Neeroeteren (bloodline Nouwen-Paesen)
  • Eddy Stulens, Gellik (strain van Wanroy .)
  • Marcel Demeyere, Tiegem via his friend Redig

The Diego Era (1990-1999)

In the nineties, the core of the colony consited of pigeons of Thomas Peeters of As: the line of Gouden Grijs and of the Old Diego.
Old Diego was sire of Diego Armando, the cock who won four times Barcelona, with 9th and 14th prize international. Diego Armando was mostly Kuijpers Bros and van der Wegen line (via Albert Simons).
One glorious exception: Gerda, the female who won 1st prize international Barcelona in 1966, was a gift of Daniel Szymczak. She carried the bloodlines of Nouwen-Paesen (Peer) and van der Wegen. Gerda and her family proved a very good breeding line.

The post Gerda Era (1999-2005)

At the new start in 2000, Albert and Michel Willems disposed of some offspring of the Gerda and Diego line.
They introduced some new blood:
  • Leo de Jong (Nut)
  • Pros Roosen (Kermt)
  • van der Wegen and Vervuurt via Cees Busser Brunssum
  • some pigeons of the top collection of Luc Sioen, Moorslede (a.o. descendants of Brecht, Rikky)
In February 2006 Albert and Michel sold all their pigeons.

The new start in 2006

Still in 2006 Peter Wynants (Oostende), lifelong admirer of the craftsmanship of Albert Willems, proposed to form a new combination. He braught with him some direct pigeons out of the best breeders of Wijnands and Son (Maastricht) and a son of the Perpignan of Desbuquois Bros (Kapelle-op-den-Bos). This Perpignan won 14 nat. Perpignan in 2004 (as a yearling) and 18 nat. Perpignan in 2005.
In 2006, to realize their high aspirations they acquired a complete round of youngsters of the breeders of Wijnands and in 2007 a round of youngsters out of their yearling birds.
Today, a selection of those pigeons forms the actual basis of the breeding and racing team in Eisden.