The story

Beginnings and first successes (1968-1991)

Albert Willems starts with the pigeons sport at the age of 12 years as a help to his father.

Very soon his ambitions exceed those of his father and so his dad lets the direction of the pigeons to his son. Albert especially wants to play more pigeons and play the longer distances.
With the acquisition of real long distance pigeons, the ambitons to play the very long distances take a more concrete form in the eighties. In 1988 Albert Willems plays Barcelona for the first time and wins 115 national. The same "Blauwe Crack" wins 56 national Barcelona in 1989. The beginning of a long success story.

The nineties and the victory on International Barcelona

In 1992 Bèrke Willems forms a tandem with a partner who brings in the line of the Thomas Peeters pigeons, especially the line of the Old Diego, sire of Diego Armando, one of the best Barcelona flyers of all times.
The new combination very soon win 2 and 3 national Narbonne in 1993 and 1 and 2 provincial Barcelona in 1994. The combination seems to bring only successes. In 1996 they even score the very biggest victory a longdistance player can dream of: first prize in the international contest of Barcelona. The winning bird was Gerda, a pigeon Albert got from his friend Dany Scymczak.
Everyone seems extremely happy, but the good understanding of the duo has gone. Their ambitions and sporting vision has become too different. The complete Barcelona team is sold in 1997, and the combination finally splits in 1999, leaving Albert Willems with deep frustrations and very negative feelings...




Albert and Michel Willems (2000-2005)

Albert Willems manages to keep a round of youngsters of his former racers and breeders. In 2000 all has to be started over from almost zero. At this point Albert Willems preferes to be his own boss and forms a combination with his son Michel.
The successes continue as before and Albert and Michel gather some nice victories: 1st provincial Barcelona in 2004, 1 semi-national Jarnac in 2002, 1st provincial Bordeaux in 2003 and so on.
But Albert Willems still has problems coping with the big desillusions in his pigeon fancing career and decides to sell all his pigeons in February 2006. He has the strong intention of never playing pigeons again.

Willems-Wynants (2006-2012)

But his friends and family soon see that Albert is even more unhappy without his pigeons and try to convince him to recommence from zero one more time... Especially his son Michel and all time admirer Peter Wynants of Oostende succeed to convince him.
Peter Wynants brings in some of his own superior long distance pigeons: 3 direct Wijnands (Maastricht) and a son of the Perpignan Desbuquois. Peter proposes to support personally the pigeon sport in Eisden. A new combination is born: Willems-Wynants (being Albert and Michel Willems and Peter Wynants, not to be confused with Wijnands and son Maastricht).
In 2006 they buy a round of some 50 youngsters of the best breeders of Wijnands and Son, Maastricht. And the rest is history...
The successes are almost immediate... Albert Willems is back in business and this at the highest level.
At the end of the 2012 season for personal reasons and in mutual consent the combination is dissolved


On the 29th October 2012 a contract was signed for the start of the new combination Willems-Eijerkamp.
Albert and Michel Willems agreed on terms of cooperation with the Eijerkamp family of Brummen (NL).
All the pigeons: breeders, racers but also the top pigeons such as Maike, Mathilde, Maité, Bijter, Marianne and so on, stay in Belgium.