Our system

Total widowhood

Willems-Eijerkamp are adepts of the total widowhood. This means that cocks and hens of the same pair are both raced even in the same race. The total widowhood is especially applied to the yearlings.
The biggest advantage is that  the fancier gets to know the value of the hens very soon.
Around 2 February are paired and can sit for a week. Only the cocks of 2 years can raise a youngster at this moment. The yearlings are played on widiwhood for the rest of the season.
The older pigeons are paired again around the first of June, so they have youngsters of some days when they have to be basketted for Barcelona.

Feeding and health care

Willems-Eijerkamp follow a fancing system that keeps the pigeons near to nature. Chemicals and medication are avoided as much as possible. Only once in the whole year the racers receive a treatment for trichomoniasis and for the upper airways.
Fort the rest of the year they have to find health in natural products such as garlic (lots of garlic), beer yeast and herbal tea.

Albert Willems never administers the garlic in the drinking water. The garlic juice is mixed with the food and after that dried bear yeast is added.


Albert Willems built himself all the lofts and te inner accomodation. All lofts are builded in stone.

View on the beautiful lofts in Eisden.

Pigeons need lots of fresh air.


Very convenient widowhood case made in Eisden. Pigeons like to hide themselves behind the removable sliding door.